Equicoach Online
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Meet Sarah Elebert, the face behind Equicoach Online.

Sarah is a HSI Level 2 Coach & Irish Event Rider. She also holds qualifications in Equine Science, Equine Nutrition and Equine Breeding & Reproduction.

Sarah has 20+ years of experience working with young horses and producing them up to 3* Level Eventing & Medium Level Dressage and her area of expertise include:

  • Producing Young horses for Dressage & Eventing
  • Working with Amateur / Pro-Am Riders
  • Working with Young Riders
  • Working with riders who have lost their confidence.

Sarah is hugely passionate about quality coaching and believes that every rider, from Grassroots to Grand Prix, can benefit from coaching, both physically and mentally.

Sarah also believes that the Grassroots / Amateur Riders of the Equestrian industry are it’s foundation and that efforts should be made to ensure that these riders have access to Top Quality Coaching and that’s where Equicoach Online comes into play.

Equicoach Online is an all-encompassing online training platform aiming to help riders improve themselves and their horses, achieve their goals, gain confidence and enjoy the equestrian sport!

Equicoach Online uses video analysis, training consultations, video training tutorials, training blogs (& more!) to educate riders and give them the confidence and motivation needed to take steps towards achieving their goals.