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You will need…

  • A suitable area to have your training session
  • A friend to video ( They should read the hints & tips)
  • A phone, a tablet or video camera
  • A method of editing the videos

All levels can be catered for!

You can film on just about anything theses days. You can use your phone, tablet, video camera.

You will also need a method of editing / trimming the video.

Record video in landscape mode where possible.

Video should be approximately between 7 & 10 minutes in length.

You will need your friend or colleague to video although, many have been using a PIVO and it has been working very well!

Remember that the better the video quality, the better the coaching!


Your video is essentially the eyes of your coach. The discipline and topic will effect the video positioning.

Flatwork – Video will need to be inside the “arena”. Movements may need to be seen from multiple angles. For example, a view from both inside AND outside a 20m circle would be beneficial. Lateral work, will need to be viewed from the front  AND the side.

Jumping & XC  – For example, if the topic is Rider Position, the video will need to close enough to analyse.  Gridwork –  a view of full grid is important (a front and side view could be beneficial). Jumping a Course –  The video should be taken from a good vantage point, this may be outside the arena area.



Coach will need to see the “full picture”. Horse and rider should stay in the centre of the frame at all times.

Steady videoing is important. Use of a tripod may be beneficial but not essential.

Please show the “Approach” and “Getaway” of all movements and jumping efforts.

Please record with the sound on.

Only zoom where necessary.

Please record videos in landscape mode where possibl.

Upload cost is €25 per video.

Check out our special offers here.

To upload a video, simply fill out this form with your details and add your video.

The upload can take a few minutes depending on it’s size. (Time taken would be equivalent to that of a YouTube upload).

Yes. We can focus on any particular topic you feel you need help with. If you wish to contact us prior to your training session, we can discuss the best videoing techniques for that specific topic.

Not a problem! A safe field with a reasonable footing will suffice.

Don’t worry! Please do not trim the naughty moments from the video, we are here to help! Do show us the moments leading up to and away from the naughty moments.

No. All videos will remain private between coaches and riders.