How it Works?

Online Coaching in it’s many forms is growing more popular by the day  and while it may not be exactly like having your coach beside you, it is proving to be a hugely beneficial tool for many!

Equicoach Online takes the hassle out of online training by giving you a platform to upload your training sessions and receive feedback and homework direct from a top class coach.

Here’s what you need to do…

Organise your training area & Video your training session. (Remember – The better the quality of the footage, the better the coaching!)

Trim the video to include the parts you feel you need the most help with. The coach will need to see the “full picture” so please only remove parts that are not relevant to your training topic. Video can be between 7-10 minutes in length.

Upload your video via the Equicoach Online “upload video” page, filling in the form attached. If you feel a 30mins “Coaching Call” would be better suited to give your coach this briefing, this can be organised for a fee.

Once you have uploaded your video, you will be directed to Paypal.

Coach will analyze video, record voice-over and return with feedback / homework in 2-3 working days.

Click —> for some Video Hints & Tips.

Click on the discipline for some training topic inspiration – Dressage / Showjumping / Cross Country.