My Top 10 Exercises for Young Horses – Flatwork

As we all know, training young horses is a process that not only requires a lot of patience, it also requires plenty of “thinking outside the box” moments and plenty of “WTF” moments too!

My general motto when working with young horses is to work little and often, keeping it all as varied as possible while all the time, chipping away at the elements of the training scale.

We need to remember that their baby muscles are weak and need lots of time and gentle repetition to grow stronger. Our training of these young horses must be so that we are able to work a variety of muscles (and areas of their brain), all in order to prevent fatigue, both mentally and physically.

This is not always an easy task and often boredom or a lack of inspiration sets in. Usually this results in repeating the same thing over and over without much improvements or we can often find ourselves getting a little carried away, and moving through things too quickly, leaving the horse with gaps in their education. Both of these situations can result in being met with “issues”.

However, in this PDF, I  detail TEN of my “go-to” flatwork exercises that keep my horses improving without drilling them.

Many of the exercises I have listed here, I have previously done blogs or demo videos for so keep an eye out for the links!!!