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Suzanne Knight

Sarah Elebert, of Elebert Equine is one of best horse riding instructors/Coaches I could ask for.

I had a young Mare I wanted to bring to her 1st showing class within a few weeks and Sarah was the only person I trusted to train us both. The mare needed a good bit of work put into her as she could be a bit of a scatterbrain and not listen, and I am a very nervous rider. Sarah knew exactly what to do to get her listening. She showed me how to work the mare properly and within days had improved her way of going and helped me overcome my nerves, getting me more confident with using my legs. She taught me how to trust the mare and get the very best from her. And on the day of the Show we came in 2nd out of a very large showing class.

She has brought on so many young kids into their teens and adults into more confident adults through her skills and teaching mechanisms. I have seen great things from Sarah in the past and I expect to see a great many more in the coming years, and I don’t doubt she will be an amazing coach to a lot of people. I wish Sarah all the best for the future.

Suzanne Knight.

Horse owner and friend.