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Website Launch

It’s an exciting time here at Equicoach Online as we are proud to announce the launch of our new website.

With a surge in demand, we identified the need for a platform that matched consumer expectations and for a website that matched the quality of the services we provide.


Why use Equicoach Online? 

Are you short on time? Are you working?  Are you a parent with limited childcare?

Have you got a coaching budget that might not stretch to cover travel? or are you without transport for your horse?

Are you low in confidence? Do you feel that you need to improve before you go to the local show / training clinic?

At Equicoach online, we believe that top quality coaching should not be reserved solely for the professional riders. The Grassroots, Amateur & Pro-Am riders are a vital part of the industry and everyone deserves to have access to quality coaching.


Benefits of Coaching 

To the Rider:

  • Physical Health  – Improves riding ability as well as over all fitness and strength
  • Mental Heath – Reduces stress, increases confidence and gives options for social connections.

To the Horse:

  • Better riders = happier horses
  • Horses will remain sounder for longer
  • Prevents issues / habits arising
  • Helps to positively solve any issues present

To the Sport:

  • Quality coaching encourages riders to attend clinics, use facilities and possibly join affiliate groups to compete.
  • With support Grassroots level, more people will be encouraged to partake in the sport.

Taking “Imperfect Action” is the first step to achieving your goals and Equicoach Online is here to make that first step a little easier.